“Y’all thought my silence meant y’all did something”- Sophia Momodu hints at a ‘tell-all book’ following Imade’s outburst about Davido


Tension has arisen between Sophia and Davido, who many thought would reconcile, ever since the musician went back to his current wife, Chioma Rowland.

“They wanted to maltreat her to teach her mother a lesson”- Sophia Momodu subtly shades baby daddy

One of Davido’s baby mothers, Sophia Momodu, has hinted at writing a book that details all of their turmoil on the internet.

A few hours prior, Sophia stood up for her daughter’s heartbreaking conversation with her grandma in which she conveyed her grief at her brother’s passing, Ifeanyi’s illness, and her father’s disregard.

Imade lamented to her grandmother about how her singing father’s absence from her life had left her feeling incredibly depressed.

Reacting to backlash Sophia however made it clear that this generation of children is smarter than previous generations and that they don’t lie about their sentiments, especially while speaking to their grandparents.

The businesswoman has already hinted at a book on their turbulent co-parenting relationship on her Twitter account. Sophia had seen that Nigerians believed her quiet indicated they had reached her, so she had wondered what they would do when her book came out.

“So what will you people nau do when this book drops? Y’all really thought my silence meant y’all did something huh? This is incredible”.

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