Why you should be s3xually active with your partner before marriage — Actress Anita Joseph

"My bum is not my selling point"– Actress Anita Joseph

Famous actress, Anita Joseph has taken to social media to share relationship advice with couples.

In a video the thespian shared, she urge couples to ensure they get physical with their partners prior to marriage.

According to her, complaints from couples about their partner’s sxxual prowess which usually arises after marriage can easily be avoided if they are able to get intimate before tying the knot.

She gave instances of how some women would be complaining about their partners sxxual organ while the man would be worrying over his woman’s prowess in bed.

“In everything you do make sure you get intimate with your partner before marriage… taste it… be inmate with you partner…don’t go and cheat in marriage because you are not satisfied with him…”, she stressed.

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