Why I wont be hugging anyone until further notice- Vee Iye spills


Vee Iye, a well-known personality from reality TV, has recently shared her decision to refrain from embracing others for the time being.

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In a post on her social media platform, the BBNaija star expressed her reasoning behind this choice, attributing it to the exorbitant cost of deodorant.

It appears that Vee may have encountered unpleasant body odor in the past, prompting her to take this stance.

Furthermore, she highlighted that certain individuals failed to prioritize personal hygiene even when deodorant prices were as low as N1000, making it highly unlikely for them to do so now that it has increased to 5k.

In her words: “I’m not hugging anyone until the price of deodorant goes down. Some of you weren’t using it when it was 1k, God help us now that it’s 5k.”

See some reactions below:

Oc dion stated: “Are you talking to tacha ?”

Iam_Highlyfavoured said: “Talk to her directly and stop cutting corners 😂”

TimCook asked: “They still sell deodorant of 5k?”

yikes_viusualz said: “I hope this shot is not aimed at Tacha 💀💀”

PRINCE CHARMING said: “I know it’s Tacha but I won’t say it loud. 😂”

lwayspimpinn wrote: “No free hugs again”


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