Why being born again isn’t an express ticket to heaven – Pastor Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie

As he talks about how to live as a real born-again, Pastor Yul Edochie explores what it means to be a Christian.

The actor who became a preacher said that entering heaven is not a given just because someone is born again.

He said that even after being reborn, many individuals harbour bad intentions.

As real Christians, Jesus exhorted people to live lives filled with justice and compassion for others.

In the end, he asked that people treat one another with kindness.

He penned:

“Being born again is not an express ticket to Heaven.
Many born again Christians have the most wicked hearts you can ever find on earth.
My God says; embrace love.
Free your heart of wickedness & hate. Love everyone, wether they’re Christians or not.
Be fair & just in your dealings.
Bear no grudges.
Spread love & kindness.
Treat everyone equally.
Let your presence bring light into people’s lives.
Be a good person.

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vivianmazhey said: “I learnt a lot from May her presence brought light to my life”

samial_tom said: “Tell me… the woman who knew the man is married with 4 children went on having an affair with the man what name do you think she deserves”

joan.bi.1000 said: “Before all this talk you need to sign divorce papers plus practice what you preach. Do not commit adultery”

dr_success_john said: “Gbam exactly my points”

judy_obasiyul_autism said: “Queen May is never looking back. She left all the loads behind.”*

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