“Why Are You Always in A Haste to Change Your Names After Marriage” – Shade Ladipo Asks Women

Shade Ladipo advices Nigerian men to stop speaking about seeking DNA test

Shade Ladipo, a media personality, has talked about how she feels about the custom of changing names after marriage and advised women to think carefully about the effects of such a choice before making it.

The media celebrity was happy that she didn’t change her name right away when she got married.

She talked about how she had spent over twenty years building her personal brand as “Shade Ladipo” and how she didn’t want to lose this hard-earned identity just because she got married.

Ladipo told newlywed women directly that they shouldn’t change their names too quickly, especially on formal papers.

Reflecting on her own experience, she wrote;

Do you want to know 1 thing I’m so happy I didn’t rush to when I was married? Changing my name How did I spend over 20yrs building the ‘Shadé Ladipo ‘brand to changing it overnight to another name? Some people see my father and say Oh you’re Shadé Ladipo’s Father Sis, you worked too hard to build your brand, don’t be too quick to change it especially on legal documents. Take your time, there’s no hurry I Promise you! #TeamHappiness”

In related news, OAP Shade Ladipo has advised ladies who want a ‘soft life’ not to go into debt as 80% of ladies living the soft or easy life have sponsors who are responsible for their lavish lifestyle.

Most ladies looking at the lavish lifestyle of others on social media wish to have the same lifestyle and Shade Ladipo has advised them not to go into debt while trying to prove they are big or can afford such a lifestyle…


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