“Who opened hell’s door?” – Nigerian lady cries out over excess heat in country


A Nigerian lady has expressed her worries about the unbearable heat that is plaguing her nation on social media.

The young woman was seen heavily perspiring in the video that went viral online, even though she was trying to cool herself with a hand fan that was weaved.

She could be heard saying, “Who forget to close hell fire’s door?”, implying that the heat is becoming unbearable.

“E remain to roast for this country😩” is the description accompanying the video, which was published on TikTok by @glamz_by_somma.

Check out the video below:

Social media users also shared their experience with the ongoing pervasive heatwave in Nigeria. They shared their thoughts via comment section.

Some reactions are shown below:

zoe said, “Swears I pity people wey no get Ac this period cos the heat is something else 🔥”.

Ruqayahsaid, “I could barely sleep today.. I open window, bat came inside 😭”.

TMK Hairline said, “Infact I don get heat rashes,my body dey pepper me 😂😂😂😂”.

BiG LeeYaH🌹 said, “I’m watching this without wearing clothes because of heat😭😂”.

💕Shã Shã💕 said, “Harmattan we need you back this heat is getting out of hand 😭😂😂🤲”.

HeSings🎙️ said, “Someone is finally saying something about it!!. These past few days has been terrible for me😭😭 the heat is heating 😭😭”.

SimplySmart said, “Aswr and some people still Dey knack for this heat omo 😭😭”.

Barbiecash said, “This heat killed my 2 puppies😢😢😭😭 am in pains olohun 🥺🥺. This heat took the lives of my precious puppies 😢😢”.

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