“Where Una Dey See This Money” – Papaya Ex Shows Off Bags Of Money Received From Her Birthday Party


Instagram influencer, Papaya Ex, flaunts wads of cash garnered from her just-concluded birthday party.

The brand influencer marked her 27th birthday in a grand way with celebrity attendees from all works of the entertainment industry, one of which included James Brown who stormed the event with the company of the ‘gods’.

Taking to her Snapchat page to appreciate the attendees of the event, Papaya Ex showed off multiple duffel bags filled with naira notes.

“The love was felt! ‘Preciate all most importantly, I’m glad y’all had fun,” she wrote while sharing the photo.

Meanwhile Papaya Ex sparked Outrage As she Shares Controversial Photoshoot Using The Crucifix.

She has been lambasted on social media after releasing a controversial shoot she did with the crucifix and the image of Mary on a waist belt.

The lady, PapayaEx shared the photo on Twitter leaving many people outraged.

It was reportedly learnt that the lady is a muslim.

Many have condemned her for inciting violence with her outfit.

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