What This $Exy Girl Did That Caused the Suspension of A Senior Military Official Will Surprise You


According to Tuko news Kenya, a senior official of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has been suspended after

his girlfriend, wore his clothes in his absence, took photos and posted them online.

The pretty girl’s photos went viral on Facebook as most of the people who re-shared them thought that she was another cute officer like many others. That is where the tale about impersonation came in.

When the photos got the attention of the officer’s superiors and the uniform was identified as his, it is alleged that he was called in and had a long sitting with his bosses.

Reports have it that the officer was suspended from active duty for leasing out his official military regalia for wrong use- in this case, social media.

TUKO news, however established that there is no rule in the books that would have a KDF Captain suspended because his wife wore his uniform and posed for photos.

Action would only be taken if the said uniform was leased for use in criminal activities or any related activity that would contravene what is generally accepted as right.

soldier wife

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