‘What Exactly Is Wrong With This Man?’ – Ugezu.J.Ugezu Tongue Lashes Lai Mohammed


Talented Nigerian actor, Ugezu.J.Ugezu has lost his cool on the Federal Minister of Information and Culture.

The actor lost his cool when reacting to a recent submission made by the Federal Minister about bandits.

According to the minister, although bandits are all over Nigeria to the extent that some are even taking taxes from citizens, these bandits have not taken over Nigeria.

Reacting to this, Ugezu wrote;

“What exactly is wrong with this man????

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Yes Sir….they are now an Agency of Government?

#Naijanonsense #realitycheck”

In other News Grammy award-winning singer, Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, has gifted his Bentley to his sister, Nissi for successfully creating the new Range Rover design

Burna Boy proudly announced her as the owner of his Bentley via his Instagram story on Friday.

Nissi’s team created the new Range Rover design and her celebrity brother had hailed her for the achievement on Thursday.

Burna Boy stated that he was proud of his sister, adding, “My little sister designed the new range. Someone tell her to run me a discount code.”

Responding to him via her Instagram story, Nissi wrote, “Somebody tell Burna Boy to run me the Bentley and I got him.”

On Friday, Burna Boy honoured his sister’s request by officially naming her as the owner of his Bentley.

He said, “Well then, congratulations Nissi. You are now the official owner of the Bentley (since you have refused to wait for me to buy you a new one). Love you.”

Appreciating her brother, Nissi said, “Ayeee. Best brother ever (Let me hold on to this one until the new one arrives please). Skrrrr. Love you.”