Wads of Hard Currency Harvested of Woman’s Bosom at an Event


A viral clip making rounds shows the moment a woman dipped her hands into another woman’s bosom to dig out wads of cash has got people talking on social media.

According to reports, friends of the woman sprayed her foreign currency, but rather than let it fall to the floor as is the norm, the friends dipped the money inside her top to prevent “pickers” from stealing the hard currency.

When the “spraying session” ended, the woman went back to her table alongside her friends who helped her harvest the fruits (foreign currency) of her hard work.

In recent news Reality TV star, Cross went bungee jumping in South Africa and shared videos which captured the moment on social media.

The reality star whose hobbies are travelling and trying out new things is currently in South Africa and decided to try the bungee jump.

The video which was shared in social media showed the person self-styled energy lord jumping from a great height while being connected to a large elastic cord.

Hilarious reactions have trailed the video since it found its way to the internet.

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