Viral video of minors in a hotel room sparks debate online

Viral video of minors in a hotel room sparks debate online

A video of a young couple in a hotel room has become viral online, sparking a variety of responses from users of social media.

The young pair was seen spending quality time together inside the hotel room in the video that went viral on social media.

The minors who are not up to 18 years old were seen displaying loved-up moments inside their hotel room in an environment that oozes positive energy.

In the video, the girl made some amorous advances towards the boy while the boy was filming, and that was just the beginning.

Going ahead, they got cosy with themselves inside the hotel room as the boy pulled the girl to his side and began to rub his hands around her backside.

The footage of the young couple inside the hotel room, however, sparked remarks online. Many people emphasized that the hotel management should not have allowed minors to have romantic knowledge of one another at such a young age and that they should have been arrested instead.

Reacting to the post..

@veronicasdaughte: Let’s start wit the hotel that rented the room. Na there we go start.

@mayorsoj: Why is nobody blaming the hotel manager?

@iam_bmodel: When I was their age, I thought hotels are where they do meetings or host conferences.

@hayuur: Nothing pain me pass that Tinubu portrait wey dey small for that wall, e no fit comot wipe them cord??

@xaivierr.__: When grown ups who supposed to lead by example keep posting rubbish on social media, what do you expect.

@consultwithsandra: The hotel management ought to be arrested.


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