“Village don taya me”- Young Nigerian man looks for job, aska God to remember him


A video of a young man pleading with God to remember him and alter his fate has garnered significant sympathy on the internet.

In the video, the man can be seen shirtless, diligently sweeping a large open area using a broom crafted from leaves. He expresses his weariness with life in the village, longing for a change.

Moved by his plea, numerous individuals flocked to the comment section to extend job offers to him, with the intention of helping him escape the confines of the village. (@engrbishop1)

Furthermore, the man revealed his proficiency in various tasks such as painting, wiring, and wallpaper installation, all of which pertain to the interior of houses.

Watch his video below:

Check out some of the reactions below:

Ekwe Domasus Somadina said: “This is me thinking on how to pay 2m house rent someone else is there crying to come to the city life no balance.”

donability01 said: “If you can work with me in Abuja.”

Ifee said: “Omo we did this in our childhood. Not easy mehn.”

Mhiz Diamond Amaka asked: “Can u do a security job in Abuja? Free accommodation nd payment is attracting.”

Margret Mmesoma said: “Bro e no easy for city, feel like coming back to village.”

Stargirl asked: “Do you have any skills one can patronize you?”

@adachimerezejanny23rd march said: “Another day in my life to cry for a total stranger.”

ABUJA PLUMBING DEALER1 said: “Where are you from? And would you love coming to Abuja to start life?”

kelvino said: “Life no balance me that’s looking for a way to come back village to relax myself.”

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