Verydarkman Speaks After His Release from Brief Detention, Reveals What Really Happened


VeryDarkMan, a controversial critic, has spoken out following his brief detention and subsequent release.

In a video message from his small room, he described how police officers abruptly showed up at his house, detained him for interrogation, and arrested him for suspected defamation.

However, he said that he contacted powerful persons and lawyers, including Deji Adeyanju, who assisted in his release.

VeryDarkMan stressed that defamation is a punishable offense and reaffirmed his dedication to speaking up for the weak and innocent.

He expressed dissatisfaction at many Nigerians’ quiet in the face of fraudulent acts by some influential individuals.

In a bold statement, he pledged to implement a comprehensive strategy to permanently stop scams and fraud, promising to reveal more details soon.

VeryDarkMan’s commitment to combat corruption and fraud continues unwavering, despite legal challenges and opposition from powerful forces.

Watch the video below:


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