Verydarkman Calls Out Ashmusy After She Tried Setting Him Up Through Her Vendor

Ashmusy denies all dubious accusation made by Verydarkman, rveals what happened

Verydarkman, a controversial activist, alleges that Ashmusy tried to fix him up with the vendor after he called her out to refund the 1 million naira, she collected for brand promotion.

It should be noted that Verydarkman had chastised the influencer for collecting the money but failing to deliver.

After being called out, Ashmusy repaid the money to the vendor and offered an apology.

Verydarkman took to Instagram again to reveal that Ashmusy attempted to match him up with a the vendor.

Apparently, Ashmusy attempted to persuade the vendor that the reason she hadn’t refunded the money was because he (the vendor) was toasting her.

Verydarkman chastised her for attempting to set him up, and expressed surprise at her audacity.

Watch him speak below:


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