UNICAL Students Protest 100% Hike in School Fees

UNICAL VC Appoints ‘New’ Dean for Faculty Of Law

The University of Calabar suspended classes on Monday in response to student protests against the institution’s tuition fee increase of 100%.

A revised pricing structure that would apply to the academic years 2022–2023 and 2023–2024 was previously announced by the university.

In order to express their displeasure, the students staged a nonviolent demonstration and blocked the entrance routes to the school, making it impossible for employees to enter.

Additionally, the demonstration resulted in severe traffic congestion, forcing several drivers to do U-turns. Mary Slessor and Etta Agbor Roads were blocked by the demonstrators, who numbered at least 100.

A number of them held up new leaves, and still others held up signs with varied words on them.

Some of the inscriptions read, “We came to school to study, not to kill our parents”; “The Vice Chancellor of UniCal went to school in her days, free of charge, but today wants to kill students with crazy charges,” amongst others.

Speaking in an interview with NAN, one of the protesters, Tony Erei, said they would continue the protest until the institution reversed to the status quo.

Erei said, “In the last few months, Nigerians have suffered a lot with the increase in the prices of everything, including petroleum products, without commensurate increase in the income of workers.

“Increasing charges now is uncalled for because students and parents are still struggling to pay the last increment that was done sometime ago by the same university management.”

Another student, Amarachi Obialor, described the situation in the country as “sheer wickedness and insensitivity by our leaders.”

To make sure that the demonstration did not lead to a collapse of campus law and order, there were a lot of police officers stationed nearby the demonstrators.

According to Punch Online, new students, returning students, and final-year non-science course participants should anticipate to pay N111,000, N91,500, and N114,000, respectively, with the revised cost.

Additionally, they have N36,500, N21,500, and N21,500 in third-party dues to pay, respectively.

The cost of the science-based courses was also raised, with new students paying N155,000, returning students N125,000, and final-year students N148,000.

Likewise, they must pay N38,500, N21,500, and N21,500 as third-party dues, in that order.

Before the hike, an average student, depending on the department, paid N64,050 for freshers, N52,050 for the final year and N49,500 for returning students.


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