Understanding wife, Regina Daniels shares video from her co-wife’s birthday

  • Regina Daniels, a renowned actress, shared a heartwarming video from her co-wife, Laila’s birthday.
  • The mother of two attended Laila’s birthday party, which was also attended by her husband, Ned Nwoko.
  • Two women hugged each other at an event, despite being married to the same husband, and netizens praised their cordial nature.

Regina Daniels, a popular actress, warms hearts with an adorable video celebrating her co-wife, Laila’s, birthday.

The mother of two attended Laila’s birthday party, which also included their husband, Ned Nwoko.

Scenes from the event show the two women hugging each other after meeting at the event, and netizens couldn’t stop commenting on how friendly they are despite being married to the same husband.

She complemented Laila and wished her a happy birthday while sharing the video on her Facebook.

“At Laia’s birthday birthday dinner… Happy birthday gorgeous,” Regina Daniels wrote.

Reacting to the post …

@veevogee said:

“Ned is really enjoying o, before you compare him to Yul, I want you to know he’s a Muslim and none of his wives came through the window. Kachifonu”

@ble_ssing_sunday said:

“The life Yul wanted but Sapa sat him down and said “l will finish you”

@miriam_mohammeddd said:

“This is the life Yul wanted but he Forgot that MAY was the one working hard and the brain behind the family weath and stability, now Judy don go snatch principalities and power 😂even Judy sef no want polygamy.”

@rita_agoni stated:

“Why portable own con different ??”

@ada_her_father_first_daughter stated: “This is what Judy wanted but guess what oracle said I will show you shege before I finish and yul”

@samariabub_ wrote:

“Women are know.n to be very understanding once m@ney is involved 😏😏.”

@judy_the_adulterous_womannn said:

“Lol I pity those who are tapping into what you don’t know..this people only show you what they want you to see..sisters money isn’t all that is to life..you never actually know how dangerous polygamy is until you get into it..the daily competition ,unhealthy relationships of kids.it’s all looks good online but trust me it isn’t”

@fashion_magicblog remarked: “Polygamy is for mature people…I am very immature”

Watch video below …

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