Ubi Franklin Reacts as Babymama and Girlfriend Fight Dirty on Social Media


Music mogul Ubi Franklin has taken to his social media to react to the ongoing drama between his 4th baby mama, Sandra and his current girlfriend, Renee.

Trouble started when Sandra Iheuwa accused Renee of coming at her children on Instagram with a fake account. The two women have since exchange words as they drag themselves ruthlessly in the public eye.

Reacting to this, Ubi noted that, he loves all his children equally, and love shouldn’t be ridicule. He also added that he is financially capable of taking good care of his kids.

He wrote;

”A man’s heart should never be caged, and the ability to Love shouldn’t be a question of ridicule. I have loving children and great mothers, with whom I share co-parenting responsibilities with either financially or physically (my kids being in my care physically) where possible.

I have every right to call across all the mothers of my kids to be sure they are fine and possible opportunity to see my kids. I cannot reach a 2year old without the assistance of her mum, and for months it has been impossible. I have a right of association as a single person. Nobody has a right or have been given such leverage to harass anyone seen around me.

I will urge everyone to respect my relationship decisions and avoid any negative discourse that does little to add positive energy for all involved.”

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