“Two broke people dating should be a crime” – Cynthia Morgan spills


Cynthia Morgan, a popular Nigerian singer, has outlined why two financially, spiritually, and emotionally bankrupt individuals dating should be deemed a crime.

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On her Instagram story, the dancehall singer questioned why people take it personally when they suggest guys should not be broke when dating.

She went on to outline the three types of brokenness that she believes exist: spiritual, mental, and financial.

According to Cynthia Morgan, males are natural providers, yet it is appropriate for a guy to locate a woman while broke.

However, she believes that having two financially, spiritually, and mentally broken persons in a relationship should be considered a crime.

Her words: “Not sure why people take it personal when they say men shouldn’t be broke and dating. Firstly I will like to state that there are three types of brokenness,1, financial brokenness, mental brokenness and spiritual brokenness. But let me expanciate on the financial brokenness. men are natural providers. If you’re lucky to find a woman that doesn’t mind cool. But two financially, spiritually and mentally broke people dating should be a crime in my opinion”


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