Toyin Tomato and Colleagues celebrates with Iya 2D as she moves into her new home in Ibadan

  • Iya Ika Lomo Ejo, also known as Mistura Asunmo, a veteran of Youruba movies, has recently moved into her newly built house in Ibadan, where her colleagues celebrated her arrival.
  • Toyin Tomato shared a video of herself and Iya 2D entering her new home in Ibadan, accompanied by joyous faces.

Mistura Asunmo, also known as Iya Ika Lomo Ejo or Iya 2D, is a veteran of Youruba movies. Her colleagues came to rejoice and give her a warm welcome when she moved into her newly constructed home in Ibadan.

Toyin Tomato, shared a video of herself and Iya 2D, beaming with excitement as they entered her new home in Ibadan, their faces radiant with celebration.

While Islamic clerics consecrated the new home and drummers filled the air with traditional beats, other Yoruba cinema stars were shown in the video celebrating and delighting at her home.

Toyin Tomato made it clear in the caption of her video that she and her coworkers helped Iya 2D build her home.

Thanking everyone for their help thus far, she made a request for more in order to guarantee the completion of the house.

She partly wrote;“Finally, Mama Mistura Asunmo @iya_2d has moved to her new house that God used selected few of myself @yeyetoyintomato and @akinboss12 friends to build for her by d special grace of God. Even though it’s not yet completed but I know with ur support, God will complete it.”

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