Toyin Abraham lays heavy curs3s on trolls asking her to divulge plans Tinubu shared with her


Toyin Abraham, a well-known actress, faces criticism from online trolls who are pressuring her to disclose the plans that President Tinubu discussed with her.


Prior to the 2023 elections, she had mentioned that President Tinubu had shared his thoughts, goals, and tactics for addressing the country’s challenges.

“For the first time, I met the incoming president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and he shared some of his Ideas, Visions and Strategy to solve the challenges before us, as a Nation. Listening to him indeed renewed my hope and reaffirmed why he is my choice,” she had written.

Several Twitter users reached out to the actress on the platform to inquire about her plans and requested her to share some of them.

During this interaction, some individuals hurled insults at the actress, which provoked a strong reaction from Toyin Abraham.

Se their coverstion below:

@ManLikeIcey wrote: “Maybe one day Toyin Abraham will divulge the plans Bola Tinubu shared with her to the public.

I strongly believe we deserve to hear.

Thank u

@anthonystilldey wrote: “@toyin_abraham1
if you no tell us soon, e no go better for you”

@toyin_abraham1 said: “E no go better for you too. Oni jere laye ati lorun. Awon ABIYAMO aye ati Osho ati emere won ni yo nu si e, o ti sise lati oni lo. Oni ri Idunnu laye e Mo. enu ma kan ti ti lailai.”

@anthonystilldey commented: “E no go better for you and your family. Na why your movies dey always flop. Foolish woman.”

@toyin_abraham1 fired back: “I won’t curse your family, but u ehh o ti si se, won ma gbe e Bebe ni, oni ri ja je. Anu ajina si e, okan e oni bale, Ayo e oni kun, wa ma sun ninu Ibanuje Laaro, loosen, lale. Ko date oni sile cos I have being quiet enough.”

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