Toke Askes James Gardiner To Marry Her (VIDEO)

Toke Makinwa Shoots Her Shot at Canadian Rapper, Drake

Popular media personality Toke Makinwa has insisted that Ghanaian actor James Gardiner must marry her after allegedly seeing her naked on set.

Actor James Gardiner is currently in Nigeria to shoot a movie with his fellow actors and actress. During the changing of clothes, it seems the actor James bumped into Toke Makinwa changing in the dressing room and it seems he has gotten into trouble with the media personality.

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In a video shared by popular blogger Instablog, Toke Makinwa was seen saying that the actor must marry her because when she was changing, James Gardiner stood there and was watching his brassier and also tried to see her panty but he was kicked out later.

“I’m saying you have to marry me. You have to kill 10 cows. My eyes red. I don’t do broke boys” she was heard saying in one of her videos.

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Some social media users have reacted to the video shared by Instablog and has also shared their opinion. While some have the opinion that Toke Makinwa is shooting her shots at the actor James, others also say she was joining.

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