Tiwa Savage’s tell-all video on five hidden truths about herself gets fans talking

“I’ve been fighting off a virus for the past few weeks”- Tiwa Savage spills as she postpones all shows

Tiwa Savage, the Afrobeats singer, revealed five surprising facts about herself in a new video posted to her Instagram account on Monday, giving followers an intimate look into her life.

The ‘Somebody Son’ singer spilled the beans in a viral video, beginning by expressing her dislike for heels and her preference for performing barefoot.

Tiwa openly acknowledged her passion for bread as her top culinary selection, and she stressed that she isn’t always the mastermind behind her Instagram or social media posts.

The singer disclosed a previously unknown aspect of herself, claiming that when she’s not on stage or conducting interviews, she’s a downright boring person.

During her downtime, she averred that she’s literally holed up in her room binge-watching series, with ‘Downtown Abbey’ taking the crown as her current favorite.

Tiwa Savage spills in details;

“Hello everyone this is Tiwa Savage and these are five things you may not know about me.

“I hate wearing heels, I love performing barefoot.

“My favourite food is bread.

“Sometimes I’m actually not the one that runs my Instagram or my social media pages.

“I am a very very boring person when I am not on stage or doing interviews like this I am literally in my room watching series.

“And my favourite series right now is Downtown Abbey.

“And those are five things you may not know about me.”


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