Tiwa Savage’s Son Jamil Being Friend-Zoned by Imade Davido’s Daughter(VIDEO)

Tiwa Savage’s Son Jamil Being Friend-Zoned by Imade David’s Daughter(VIDEO)

Davido’s daughter Imade has already started showing signs of being a proud and forming lady as she gives Tiwa Savage’s son Jamil a tough time when he said he misses her.

A video of Imade and Jamil doing a video call hit the net and it showed how Imade was forming herself as if she doesn’t want to speak to Jamil just because of something that she was watching and didn’t want to be disturbed.

According to the video making rounds online, Imade was trying to give her bestie Jamil a tough time just as most ladies do just because he called her at the wrong time and wasn’t allowing her to say whatever she wanted to tell him.

Imade started forming herself when Jamil told her he misses her even to the extent that he had to use his uncle’s phone to call her just to see her face and hear from her but Imade was busy giving him attitude just because of something she was watching.

Imade and Jamil are best of friends who are practically over each other whenever they meet and even Davido has accepted the fact that Jamil is the boyfriend of her daughter even though he didn’t mean it seriously.

Jamil and Imade look cute together and this video of the two trying to catch up on things even though Imade was trying to give him a tough time with some attitude as if she never wanted to talk to him.

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