“Thought he was 40” – Van Vicker’s real age stirs massive reactions online


Ghanaian actor Van Vicker caused a frenzy on social media by being open about his age while celebrating his birthday.

The actor stressed how blessed he feels to have his wife and three children by his side as he reaches a new age on his Instagram page to convey his unwavering love and admiration for his family.

Van Vicker shocked some of his admirers who weren’t aware of his true age when he revealed in his tweet that he had just turned 46.

He conveyed his blessings and the drive he had to accomplish more in life with thankfulness.

Van Vicker acknowledged the unwavering love, care, trust, and support he receives from those around him, both physically and virtually, demonstrating the profound impact his fans and loved ones have on his life.

He wrote:

“46 years. I am grateful. I am blessed. The time has come. I am still inspired to achieve more. It’s a blessing to be surrounded by love, care, trust and support. It’s inspiriting. I thank y’all, far and near; physical and virtual. God Bless”

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