“This Generation with Their Strange Wokeness” –Nigerians Reacts as Man Condemns Men Who Go To Shiloh to Pray For a Wife


Man questions the logic behind the concept of attending Shiloh – a special prayer gathering – especially for men looking for a wife.

According to a Twitter user identified by @Benn_X1, men should not be found in such an arena as it is unlikely for a young bachelor to find it hard to get a wife.

“I honestly don’t understand how a man will go to Shiloh to pray for a wife, unless he’s broke.

 I mean, how can a well-to-do young man who has never married before, doesn’t have a child or baby mama attend Shiloh and his number one prayer point is for God to give him a wife?

How? This is even against elementary economics. Laws of demand and supply in the mud. There are things that men don’t do,” the user wrote.

The user’s claim was, however, followed with mixed reactions from other social media users who considered his claim as myopic.

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