“There’s No Smoke Without Fire”– Judy Austin Hints On Her Side Of The Story Being A 2nd Wife To Yul Edochie

“Na man I be” -Yul Edochie hails himself for owning up to his sh!t

Actress Judy Austin hinting about her side of the story of being a 2nd wife to Yul Edochie has said that there’s no smoke without fire and it takes two to tango.

Judy Austin amidst all this 2nd wife drama asked whether she should tell her side of the story as some people criticize her for giving birth to a married man.

According to her, there’s no smoke without fire and it takes two to tangle hence we should know her side of the story before judging her and she knows that’s why a judge listens to both parts of a case before pronouncing judgment.

Africans draw conclusions from whatever story they hear first without even bothering to listen to the other party involved and Judy Austin is telling us that she has her own side of the 2nd wife drama going on but no one is ready to listen to her.

This whole 2nd wife drama on the gram is getting out of hand as almost everyone seems disappointed in Yul Edochie and Judy Austin but since we don’t know the whole story, we can’t judge any of them for doing wrong.

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