“There Is Nothing Spiritual About S*x” – Bisi Alimi

“You Don’t Like Nigerians Yet Can’t Get Them Off Ur Lips” – Bisi Alimi Claims No One Nigerian Will Make Heaven

Gay rights activist Bisi Alimi has revealed a secret that not many knew for a long time.

Remember Bisi Alimi was the first Nigerian to declare on national TV that he is gay and since then has been advocating for gay to be accepted in society.

Now he has stated that s3x is not spiritual and people should not let themselves be deceived. Bisi further stated that most of the time is a lot of talk about how s3x should be treated as holy because it is a spiritual act, the act of coming together.

The gay rights activist has dropped his two cents on the matter and according to him people should just ensure they f*ck responsibly and stop letting the words of people spoil their cruise. He said all this and more on social media.

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