“The culprits are their partners in crime” – Sowore drags police over Mohbad’s death investigations


Sowore Omoyele, a human rights campaigner, has urged Nigerians looking for justice for Mohbad not to take the police’s assurances at face value.

The police issued a statement addressing the worries surrounding Mohbad’s untimely death and the various rumors about the artist after receiving several calls from Nigerians wanting justice for the artist.

The police also expressed their sympathies to Mohbad’s family, friends, and supporters and promised Nigerians that they will “diligently investigate” what caused his death.

However, given that he urged Nigerians not to believe the police investigations, it could appear that human rights campaigner Sowore Omoyele is not satisfied with the assurance from the police.

“If anyone believes that @PoliceNG will carry out any investigation talk less of “diligent” investigation on this matter when the culprits are their minions and partners in crime, then I am sorry for you. You should go and ask the family of the late Attorney General, Bola Ige, they will tell you what the Nigerian police meant by “diligent investigation”.

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