TELEOLOGY complets 9MOBILE take over


TELEOLOGY complets 9MOBILE take overTELEOLOGY complets 9MOBILE take over

9mobile Telecommunication has been taken over by Teleology Following the exit of the CBN appointed board and the transfer of ownership of the firm to the new investors, Teleology Nigeria Limited, the company announced the constitution of a new board of directors headed by 54 year-old Nasiru Ado Bayero for the company in Lagos on Monday.

Members of the new board of directors are: Nasiru Ado Bayero (Chairman), Asega Aliga (Non Executive Director), Adrian Wood (Non Executive Director), Mohammed Edewor (Non Executive Director). Winston Ndubueze Udeh (Non Executive Director). Abdulrahman Ado (Executive Director) and Stephane Beuvelet (Acting Managing Director)

With the emergence of this board, the long process for the acquisition of 9mobile has reached a definitive end marking the beginning of a new era for the telecommunication company.

The Central Bank of Nigeria in collaboration with the Nigerian Telecommunication Commission(NCC), in July 2017 appointed a Board of Directors headed by Dr. Joseph Nnanna to oversee the affairs of the company pending the completion of regulatory due diligence of the bid documents submitted by Teleology and sixteen others for its acquisition.

The bid process was midwifed by Barclays Africa.

TELEOLOGY complets 9MOBILE take over

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