Tapswap: Man narrates why some Nigerians won’t earn despite ‘tapping’


A man named Michael John has explained why some Nigerians who are joining the Tapswap mining trend may not make any money in the upcoming weeks, even if they tap on their phones.

Tap Swap

Recently, there has been a lot of excitement among Nigerians online about a new cryptocurrency project called Notcoin.

Many Nigerians have joined Telegram in the hopes of profiting from this venture.

However, Michael John believes that some Nigerians who are simply following the crowd without any experience in cryptocurrency may end up losing out

. While he admires the Nigerian spirit, he believes that it is not enough to earn without learning. He points out that some people are tapping away without understanding crypto wallets or how to generate wallet addresses.

“Before you tag it bad belly, please ask those newbie that joined the bandwagon of Airdrops because of the incomplete stories they heard About #NOTCOIN and you will be amazed by your discovery.

I love the Nigeria spirit, but as some point that spirit or drive, needs to tamed to not just venture into any of form of money making activities with little or no experience

This Newbie as they are called, know little or nothing about Wallets, DEX, CEX and how to generate your wallet address but they want to cash out from #Tapswap 😂😂

Almost 50% of this newbie won’t cash out and all their time will be wasted and they will turn around to call cryptocurrency scam 😂..” he said in part.

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