“Tacha Was The Only Real Housemate In Bbnaija Pepper Dem”- Mercy Reveals

“Tacha Was The Only Real Housemate In Bbnaija Pepper Dem”- Mercy Reveals

The Bbnaija “pepper dem” show displayed a lot of amazing personalities, however, one housemate who stood out was Natacha Akide popularly called Tacha. Her controversial nature during the show caused viewers and even non-viewers who visit blogs to be interested in her, this made many visit her instagram page, dug out old videos of her and within weeks, a fanbase called the “Titans” became a strong force on social media rooting for their queen.

Now, let me begin by saying this, i don’t do “Titans or Mercenaries” , or any other fan group. I just watch the bbnaija show, enjoy it, and get especially thrilled during Friday Arena games which is one of the highlights for me.

Tacha was the only real housemate in the pepper dem edition of the bbnaija season 4 reality show, oh yes i said that, and there’s only one reason for that – the babe never tried at any point during the show to conceal her weaknesses. Quarrel!, Rudeness!, Fight!…. yes she did all that, and who doesn’t anyway. It was a reality show and “babe” was damn real.

“Tacha Was The Only Real Housemate In Bbnaija Pepper Dem”- Mercy Reveals

I strongly believe this was her edge over other housemates, giving her 70% of the fanbase of those who watched the show. Other housemates were consciously trying to conceal their weaknesses and even till today, many prefer to be seen as a saint or angel who is totally perfect.

Bbnaija reunion: Bragging vs Confidence

Tacha displayed both. She bragged and she was confident, babe is still confident and yea, she still brags. At 25, Tacha has done well for herself, she has over 5 products in her name, has a foundation which is actively involved in humanitarian works and has featured in one of the biggest reality shows in the world.

Some of her ex-housemates feel she is an empty barrel making noise , i beg to disagree. How many of them currently have businesses in their name, even those who have are struggling to make sales and keep up with it. In a day, Tacha sold out over 500 of her newly launched product “Power Tacha”- a power bank, which costs N15,000. That’s a sum of N7,500,000 in day.

Tacha is not perfect, neither is she better than any of her ex-housemates in the Bbnaija pepper dem show but she is more real, enterprising and confident.

I would love to end this writeup by saying i am not a fan of Tacha or any other ex bbnaija housemate, however when i see a real, enterprising and confident one, i will stan him or her without fear of critism. This is my opinion, you are free to agree or disagree. Please share your opinions. Cheers.

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