Tacha Discloses Why Sarkodie Isn’t Fit To Be A Rapper


Reality TV star Tacha has shared with us the kind of job she thinks rapper Sarkodie would have done if he wasn’t a rapper and we think she’s wrong on this one.

Tacha speaking in an interview with Quophi Kyeame said she thinks Sarkodie would have been a chef and a better one at that if he wasn’t a rapper probably because of his cooking skills or how he enjoys cooking.

We have seen a couple of videos of Sarkodie showing his cooking skills but can’t tell for sure if he would love to be a chef if he wasn’t a rapper but Tacha who is somehow close to him thinks he would have been a chef if he hadn’t been a rapper.

Sarkodie is the only one who can confirm this or only those who are closer to him. Tacha speaking on what she would have done if she wasn’t an influencer said she would have been a teacher teaching Biology as that seems to be where her interest is.

Looking at the way Tacha is on social media, she would have been a very lovely teacher since she puts her all in every single thing she does making sure to get the best result and not forgetting the fact that she’s very hardworking and does it happily as well.

Video below;

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