Sylvester Oromoni’s Death Update: Pathologist Reveals What He Found in His Stomach

Sylvester Oromoni’s Update: Pathologist Reveals What He Found in His Stomach

A medical doctor, Clement Vhirterhire, has alleged that a chocolate-coloured- material was found in the late Sylvester Oromoni’s stomach.

According to Clement, late Sylvester Oromoni Jnr died of pneumonia leading to sepsis.

Vhirterhire narrated his findings before Coroner Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri, who was conducting an inquest to unravel the cause of Oromoni Junior’s death.

He said,

“I expect to see clear evidence of beating as to the cause of death.

Upon physical examination of the body, externally looking at the body I did not see any open injury.

I should be seeing evidence of significant bleeding in the abdominal cavity, by the time I opened these cavities, I did not see signs of beating.

Your Honour, I can’t remember getting information of the boy being beaten with any instrument. I did not see any evidence of ruptured internal organs.”

He said he called Mr. Oromoni to tell him his findings, and explained, “At that point, the father said, “In the process of being beaten that he was forced to drink a substance.”

“At that point, without such information but in the middle, I thought he might have ingested something.

“I opened the stomach, what I saw in the stomach was a chocolate- coloured-material.”