Sydney Talker inspires colleagues, claims content creation industry is dying


Sydney Talker, a famous comedian, expressed worries about the content creation industry and encouraged fellow creators to take action.

On Instagram, he directed his message towards new creators, appreciating the work of those who have already made a name for themselves.

He mentioned that the industry is becoming less important due to new creators not receiving the acknowledgment they should.

Additionally, he gave advice to a new creator who contacted him about lacking resources, suggesting they turn to God for support through prayer and gratitude.

Sydney Talker’s motivation to his colleagues

His words in parts: “Content creators wake up!!! Especially the new ones or the aspiring ones. The content creation industry is dying! We need the new ones or the aspiring ones to do more because this content creation industry is in your hands now! The old ones have tried. Most of us are now into making movies, music or other businesses because we are trying to bag bigger things. Please don’t blame us. When you get here you’ll understand. But for now y’all new and aspiring creators NEED TO DO MORE!!!

“The content creation industry is losing relevance because the new and aspiring ones ain’t gaining relevance. Y’all need to wake up young lads. First of, y’all need to understand that this social media space belongs to us. We need to own it. We are losing our space (Instagram) to bloggers and activists. Come on guys! Y’all need to step up.

“To the old ones I know y’all are exploring new things, your dreams, even things that you didn’t believe or know that you needed or wanted because there’s a lot of money now. But please can y’all also explore a little more in content creating Listen if you are in the presence of top creators or A list artist, Bro create content!!! If you’re opening A list artist shows, Bro create content!!! If you’re on your expensive luxurious trip, bro create content. LISTEN DON’T FORGET THAT YOU ARE A CONTENT CREATOR We losing relevance because the old one ain’t taking hold of opportunities. …”



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