Stephanie Linus Husband Treats Her To A Surprise Birthday Party


Veteran Nigerian Actress Stephanie Linus’ husband has made her smile after tricking her into her won surprise birthday party.

Sharing photos and a video from the birthday celebration,

Stephanie on Instagram wrote “

Another surprise birthday from my hubby.

I told him that this year I just wanted to have a lazy day, sit at home, eat, watch movies with him and do literally nothing but this man just can’t stop pulling surprises…

So, I woke up to a spa treatment that took a very long while, then boom… I dressed up and came downstairs to the whole house lit up with bright shining lights, beautiful balloons, flowers, gifts and decor.

I had Friends calling me that they needed to drop my birthday cake cause I told them… ‘I no wan do anything o’! Only to come down and meet them waiting for me”

Stephanie concluded with deep prayers for her husband, their marriage and home “At the end of the day “it’s the thoughts that matters” and I am very grateful. May our home continue to be filled with more laughter, joy, peace, passion, tolerance, wisdom, openness, kindness, understanding, love, gratitude and many more. As you made me smile, God will grant you your Utmost desire.

Love you baby and thank you.

And to my Amazonias and Warlords, may the same blessings descend upon your home. And you that seek shall find and everything will fall in pleasant places for you. “

Mehn… this My husband knew I needed to dance and that’s why he created the atmosphere for me to unleash.🤣🤣. 🎥 loading…

I had extreme fun with the most lively house-warmers.

To my soulmate, thank you and I am grateful for having such a beautiful soul as you. Love you always

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