Speculations as Liquorose besties and dance crew, E4ma and Ella fail to celebrate Liquorose on her birthday


Liquorose, a former housemate on BBNaija, celebrates her 29th birthday yesterday, March 31, 2024.

“They Enjoy To See People Drag Her….” – Reactions as GGB Dance Crew Share 10th Anniversary Photo Without Liquorose

Her former close pals and dancing team members, E4ma and Ella, did not share her photo or wish her a happy birthday. Their acts have sparked worry and comments on social media.

This comes only a few months after E4ma and Ella celebrated their dancing group’s “Girls Got Bold” anniversary. They shared stunning photographs sans Liquorose. They also did not tag her.

According to unsubstantiated allegations, they locked Liquorose out of their dancing group’s Instagram and WhatsApp pages.

Although the precise causes of their broken connection are unknown, we still hope that they will reunite as colleagues and friends.

Some reactions online:

3 is a crowd. If you have ever found yourself in such friendships, you would understand it might not be Liquor’s fault.

Nobody knows what went wrong but you people are trying to tie it to Rose because she’s the one that went for bbn and the one left out from the trio friendship. Their destiny aren’t tied together after all, she’s better off alone

They helped,she helped them . Atleast all thanks to rose,more people got to know about the dancing crew ,which I am sure they got gigs from. If friendship has ended,all man should move on. Life happened , shikina

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