Singer Candy Bleakz blasts female artistes for not helping others succeed

Singer Candy Bleakz blasts female artistes for not helping others succeed

Rising hip-hop singer Candy Bleakz has spoken out against the lack of unity among female musicians in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

On the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, she voiced concern that established female artists had not used their platforms to promote and encourage emerging female talent.

While she did not mention any names, Candy Bleakz emphasized that no notable female artist in Nigeria had actively assisted another female artist in achieving success in the industry.

She said …

“There’s no female artiste in Nigeria right now that you can say has helped bring out another female artiste.”

Candy Bleakz also opened up on her Tomboyish nature, explaining that it is not an act that she puts up for music promotion, but her true personality.

“I’m a tomboy naturally. I’m not doing it for music promotion. My mum had tried to change me but she couldn’t,” she added.

In other news, a video that has gone viral on social media shows a preacher supposedly healing a mentally challenged man on the streets of Lagos.

The Nigerian preacher was captured on tape praying for the mentally challenged man, who was wearing filthy clothing.

He was observed resting his hand on the madman and praying for his total recovery from his mental illness.

Some others witnessed the scene unfolding before them, as the insane guy abruptly began to behave rational.

The footage revealed that the man was cured of his mental illness and given a sachet of water to drink.


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