“She’s Still Living Single Lifestyle”- 33-Year-Old Man Seeks Advise as His 22-yrs-old Wife Refuses to Get Pregnant until she’s 25


An unidentified married man has requested assistance due to his wife’s stance on childbearing.

@Wizarab10, an X influencer who shared the man’s anonymous message with him, chastised him for letting his wife to live as a single lady.

He wrote: “33 and you can’t man up to a 22 year old. How can your wife be living single? You’re a mumu man.

“It is the hand you gave her she is playing. When you wake up, she will wake up.”

According to the lawsuit, the man is 33 years old and married a 22-year-old woman more than a year ago.

He claims his wife lives as a single lady, goes partying, and dresses inappropriately. He stated he addressed her because he was bothered, and she rejected his concerns, stating it was nothing serious.

The man went on to say that she insisted on waiting until she was 25 to have children.

People were critical of the 33-year-old man.

@Love821_ said: “You accepted it from the start. “That’s why..it may be too late..she is used to the life style already..she may still leave because she might “probably be seeing someone else.”

@talk2veee said: “33-year-old man no fit control wife wey him marry?? “Lmao. “She saw the weakness in you and is dancing on your head till you wake up.”

@Roodie77 said: “So she should pause her own life for the man lol it’s the man’s fault marrying such a young lady and expecting her to pause her entire existence cause of him.”

@MichaelOyewole_ said: “Guy should not even be married in the first place. “That’s the truth.”

@segunizzy said: “You go marry without proper training. You carry person wey never mature put for house and yet you can’t talk to someone you call your wife too. It is well.”

@Jacktopreciouss said: “Dating a girl that young and taking her serious is even risky. “That’s the age they love going to party, messing up and doing things.

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