“She Used to Be a Baddie”- Reactions trails video of Nigerian Grandma Covered in Tattoos


A captivating video showcases a Nigerian grandmother with an abundance of tattoos, generating significant interest.

Abijo Olumide, the grandson who goes by @o_plunger on TikTok, posted the viral video featuring his grandmother.

In the clip, Olumide is seen holding his grandmother’s hands, which are adorned with tattoos, as he reveals her tattoo-covered neck, face, and other body parts.

Sharing the video on his account, the young man introduced his remarkable grandmother to his followers.

After viewing the video on TikTok, users shared a range of thoughts and reactions to the woman’s tattoos.

@Emerald_thebarber said: “My grandma has tattoo on her face, back, stomach and hands. One day she saw a boy she knew that drew tattoo on his arm and pierced earring, then this.”

@Tunde Møøre wrote: “My mom self have it for her hand me self won draw Tat she call family meeting for my head.”

@LiViNG D3AD commented: “My mom sef get. Nd I told her I wan to draw tattoo she say dem no born my papa well make I do am.”

@Anu reacted: “Much love to all Grandma wey be baddie for Thier youth days hardly will you see grandpa with tattoos.”

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