Serious Tension Coming From Kano State, As Kwankwaso Releases Statement On His Immediate Defection From APC [Must Read]


PDP Gaining More Ground as Kwakwanso, 10 Kano Lawmakers Dump APC for PDP and This Happened Next

Serious Tension Coming From Kano State, As Kwankwaso Releases Statement On His Immediate Defection From APC [Must Read]

Emerging report reaching Gistlover, reveals that it was jubilation galore in Kano, as the immediate past Governor of the State, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, says he has no plan to dump the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.


Before now, there had been speculations and palpable fear in Kano, that Kwankwaso might leave the ruling APC to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in pursuit of his 2019 Presidential ambition.


Sources revealed that there was jubilation in Kano, on Kwankwaso’s resolve to remain in the APC, despite the political victimization.


While speaking to a group of selected Journalists in Abuja,  Kwankwaso said he is committed to the APC.


His words: “2019 as far am concerned is still far, even though the INEC has started reminding us of it. Those of us who have been in this game for some time now, realize that everything has time. This is not the time to start campaigning.


“This time, if you like, you can make consultations with friends to discuss issues, mend fences, and so on.


“I think that can be done now, but to go into campaigns and so on, I don’t believe this is the time to do that.”


Kwankwaso, also debunked insinuations that the founders of the APC have abandoned the party. He said there is no party to go, outside the APC.



He added: “And even the issue of political party. For me, our party is good. They have been very supportive of me, in person, to our group in Kano, and across the country.


“So, we have no reason whatsoever to leave APC. APC is a coalition of so many friends that sat down, and of course formed the party. And what the party needs now is our support, so that it can be stronger, and it can be useful to us and to the country.


“We left PDP because it was necessary, and other circumstances to save our future, and to save the country. And you could see that immediately after the election, there was contentment, there was happiness. Naira appreciated, even electricity supply improved. Now, we don’t have any reason to say we are abandoning APC. If we leave APC now, to go to where?”


The ex-Governor, further denied that he was either on political exile, or losing control of Kano State. He said: “You cannot stop people from making their speculation. People in the past, even speculated I left APC, I was in party this and that. So many allegations and counter-allegations, maybe because one is being quiet. The idea of being quiet, is to allow the State Government, the Local Governments, Government at any level, to do whatever they feel should be done to better the lives of our people. At such level also, especially when everybody is quiet like this, the Press will have to sell their papers. Somebody will concur story and say this is the position, and you can’t stop that. The only thing is that they should be done within the limits of the law.”

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