See Why Seun Kuti Is Blaming Mandela Over Xenophobia Attacks in South Africa [Must Read]


Seun Kuti, son of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has reacted to violent acts against Nigerians and other nationals in South Africa.

The musician stated that the late South Africa President, Nelson Mandela, should be blamed for the xenophobic attacks.

Seun made his feelings known in a Facebook post on Friday.

He wrote: “Hey Black South Africans aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? Has your spirit of revolution completely destroyed by your rudderless ANC to the extent that you have become cowards who bully fellow Africans? Fellow Brothers?”

“Ok answer me this. If every Nigerian is deported out of South Africa there will be no more crime in South Africa? There will be no more injustice and inequality? Mandela once again thanks for your rainbow nation. Thanks for teaching your people to love whites but forgot to tell them to embrace blacks.”

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