‘See this Ijaw girl O’- Timi Dakolo Amazed By How His Daughter’s British Accent in Just 2 Weeks Of Resuming School


Gospel Singer Timi Dakolo seems to be amazed by how his daughter’s accent changed just 2 weeks after he sent her to school as now she speaks as if someone who has been abroad for years.

imi Dakolo took to his Instagram page to share a video of his requesting what she would need for her birthday.

In the video, Timi Dakolo was captured smiling at his daughter while talking.

Timi Dakolo appears to have a very friendly and lovely relationship with his kids and he shared a video of himself bonding with his daughter but got amazed by the way she was speaking.

He shared the video making fun of his daughter saying she has gotten a new accent just 2 weeks after he sent her to school and her voice and the way she was speaking was just lovely even though you might not hear what she was saying.

He wrote: Just two weeks that I sent this one to school.

Now now she now has accent .

See this IJAW girl @halleldakolo .


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