U.S Billionaires Gain Half A Trillion Dollars In Lock down

Mark Zuckerberg Loses $17.6bn, Falls to World’s Sixth-Richest From 3rd

The pandemic may have slowed business for most entrepreneurs but definitely not these billionaires as they have gained half a trillion during the Lock down.

Statistics shows that more than 42 million people have signed on as unemployed in the US, the countries billionaires have added half a trillion dollars to their combined wealth, according to a think tank report.

since from March 18, when U.S. lock downs started, the wealth of America’s richest people surged by over $565 billion over the past 11 weeks, the Institute for Police Studies calculated in a report published on Thursday.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, has benefited the most, as his orders at his online delivery service soared, with his wealth increasing by an eye-watering $36.2bn. Mark Zuckerberg was the second biggest beneficiary, increasing his net worth by $30.1bn. Even Bill Gates, who has positioned himself as global health saviour by backing a number of Covid-19 vaccine projects, has ended up $11.8bn better off.

See their recent gains;

Jeff Bezos – up $36.2bn

Mark Zuckerberg – up $30.1bn

Elon Musk – up $14.1bn

Sergey Brin – up $13.9bn

Larry Page – up $13.7bn

Steve Ballmer – up $13.3bn

MacKenzie Bezos – up $12.6bn

Michael Bloomberg – up $12.1bn

Bill Gates – up $11.8bn

Phil Knight – up $11.6bn

Larry Ellison – up $8.5bn

Warren Buffett – up $7.7bn

Michael Dell – up $7.6bn

Sheldon Adelson – up $6.1bn

See How U.S Billionaires Gain Half A Trillion Dollars In Lock down

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