See Details of How Two Lagos Babes Scam Comedian Bovi of N550, 000



Popular comedian Bovi is not happy that two Naija ladies successfully scammed him of his money, a total of N550, 000.

Read how the comedian chronicled the fraud experience:

“In memory of the only lady and indeed human being to successfully scam me! Till today, as small as this Victoria island and lekki is, I’ve never run into her again! Neither can I reach her on phone! Pls if you know her, tell her I have forgiven the debt”!


“She should stop hiding when she sees me. It’s more than 2 years now! Tell her that I went to EFCC and they laughed at me so hard! They started asking if she was my lover”.

Basically they had better amounts to pursue! So do I now.


“In other news there’s another half- caste girl that think she’s smart. She called me to pls send her 5k. Yes, five thousand Naira! She told me one disjointed long story”.


“My dear, we are in the same industry! So I know I will find you”.


“I know you borrowed 5k from like 20 of us that day! You promised to pay back same day but you have since evaporated into thin air”!


“My sister if you know how shameless I am in dragging small money, you will pay me quick! I need my 5k! This is buhari era! Every kobo counts!”


“It’s risky to borrow a lady money, just dash her what you can afford to avoid wahala”.