Rotimi Amaechi Hunted By The Past As He Allegedly Rejected An Award From Rivers State Govt.

Rotimi Amaechi Hunted By The Past As He Allegedly Rejected An Award From Rivers State Govt.

Rotimi Amaechi Hunted By The Past As He Allegedly Rejected An Award From Rivers State Govt.

Possibly hunted by the alleged fear of misdeed in the State, the Transportation Minister, Rotimi Amaechi, has rejected the purported award the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, is proposing to accord him, describing it as ‘poisonous.’


Amaechi, in a statement from his Media Office said in the past couple of days, he had been inundated with calls and enquiries from journalists about a purported award/honour to him from Wike.


The statement said the minister was shown a publication of the Rivers State government indicating his name as one of many others to be given awards by Wike, noting that as at today, Amaechi had not received any communication from Wike and/or Rivers State government in this respect.


“Be that as it may, we want to state categorically that whatever Wike claims to be giving to Amaechi is a poisoned chalice that has been unequivocally rejected by the minister.


“Firstly, the purported award itself is a contradiction of monumental proportions, a contradiction that can only come from a warped and perverted mind. From day one as governor, Wike has made it his sole, one-point agenda to attack, abuse, insult and falsely denigrate Amaechi, his immediate predecessor and erstwhile benefactor.


“Since he became governor, Wike spends most of his time making reckless, deeply irresponsible malicious, false allegations against Amaechi, as he attempts, albeit fruitlessly, to malign and destroy the outstandingly superb performance and legacy of Amaechi in Rivers State. So, what is the bases or criteria for Wike to give an award/honour to a man he (Wike) has rashly attacked and called all sorts of unprintable names in the past two years?


“For Wike to do a 360 and give an award to a predecessor, he (Wike) has consistently but misleadingly and deceitfully called Satan, Judas, non-performer, thief and only this week a sponsor of cultists, shows evidently that Wike suffers from a grave but rare form of psychosomatic malady,” the statement said.


It added that “what will Amaechi tell Rivers people when he goes to collect an award from that man-child who sits in Government House that is directly or indirectly responsible for the present deplorable state of sufferings, economic and infrastructural decay, violence, crime, insecurity, kidnappings and killings in Rivers State?


“Amaechi will not accept any award from a petty lowlife conman, who rode to power on the blood of Rivers people. Thirdly, the office of governor of any state is a prestigious, very dignified office and the occupant of that office who holds it in trust for his people is expected to act, talk and behave responsibly and decorously.


“When the governor talks, he should talk with facts and must be able to prove his claims. Most unfortunately for Rivers State, Wike possess none of these qualities. Wike is everything a governor should not be, with virtually no redeeming qualities. Amaechi will not accept any award from this kind of lying, reckless, irresponsible and brutal character that has become the laughing stock of the nation.”


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