River State Governonr, Wike, Rains Insults, Mocks 5 APC Governors and Amaechi One By One at Campaign [Video]


Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state takes on APC governors that were in Rivers state to campaign for APC by insulting them one after another. He said they should face the issues with their states first and not import their problems to rivers state. Wike did not spare Amaechi too.

“Look at the one that is Governor of Edo who does not know his left and right, he doesn’t know where his certificates are”

That of Benue could not do anything when they were slaughtering his people and could not pay salaries for 1 year and he is coming to campaign in Rivers state.


Governor of Bauchi said Rivers state is his second home. But he should know that Rivers state is not his second home because he stole rivers money. He is “OLE”

That of Plateau was sponsored with Rivers money and works as if wind will carry him away.

See the governor of Kano who is 100 years old and is governor and could not set up a panel to investigate how the INEC REC and his family were burnt in Kano and is coming to Rivers state and opening his mouth that Rivers state is the center of corruption. His friend Amaechi sold our Gas turbine at 308 million dollars and sponsored APC with it.

Watch the video below….

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