Rich KJT, Kemi Olunloyo’s son replies Iyabo Ojo, discuss about his relationship with his mother

Rich KJT, Kemi Olunloyo’s son replies Iyabo Ojo, discuss about his relationship with his mother

Rich KJT, the controversial journalist’s son, has reacted to an open letter actress Iyabo Ojo wrote to his family.

Remember that Iyabo wrote the letter to Kemi’s children, pleading with them to forgive and stand by their mother in spite of their differences and expressing sympathy for their family’s situation.

Despite claims made on a cloned social network website, Rich KJT has made it clear that he and his siblings have not abandoned their mother.

He clarified that the claims of disownment were made by a fake account that came to light in 2019 and that his brother, who has autism, does not use social media.

Rich KJT responded by emphasizing that his family does not need outside help because they love and support their mother.

Kemi Olunloyo’s son urged Iyabo Ojo to speak to their mother directly without involving them.

Madam Iyabo Ojo: Pls address our mom Dr Kemi Olunloyo and not her sons. My autistic brother is not on social media let alone posting from his cloned page as disowning her, something clarified in 2019. We love our mom and we have our own struggles. We don’t need your help. Thx.” he penned.

In other news, Shade Ladipo, a media personality, has talked about how she feels about the custom of changing names after marriage and advised women to think carefully about the effects of such a choice before making it.

The media celebrity was happy that she didn’t change her name right away when she got married.

She talked about how she had spent over twenty years building her personal brand as “Shade Ladipo” and how she didn’t want to lose this hard-earned identity just because she got married.

Ladipo told newlywed women directly that they shouldn’t change their names too quickly, especially on formal papers.

Reflecting on her own experience, she wrote;

Do you want to know 1 thing I’m so happy I didn’t rush to when I was married? Changing my name How did I spend over 20yrs building the ‘Shadé Ladipo ‘brand to changing it overnight to another name? Some people see my father and say Oh you’re Shadé Ladipo’s Father Sis, you worked too hard to build your brand, don’t be too quick to change it especially on legal documents. Take your time, there’s no hurry I Promise you! #TeamHappiness”


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