Reasons Why Linda Ikeji Should Be Every Girls Role Model

Reasons Why Linda Ikeji Should Be Every Girls Role Model

 Linda Ikeji is a popular blogger in Nigeria and a billionaire who every growing Nigerian girl should make her role model.

Here are good reason which will surely convince you to make her a role model.

1. Linda Didn’t Depend On Any Man To Make Her Money.

Linda is a woman who never depended on a man to make a good living for herself, she us one of the Nigeria’s blogger. At first it wasn’t easy for her as a woman but she never gave up, she continued till she found herself where she is right now. She is worth around $40 million dollars.

2.Linda Made Sure Nobody in Her Family Is Poor.

Yes, this is what everybody who is wealthy can do. Linda helped her family get away from hunger. According to her sister Sandra, Linda Ikeji made sure everyone in the family is supported financially in business and every other support needed to make sure the family is living fine.

3. Linda Ikeji Doesn’t Have A Nanny That Takes Care Of Her Son.

Mostly rich women in the society find it hard taking care of the children but the case is different with Linda. She took to her Instagram page to make this know that she takes care I her 15 months old son by herself. This is what every woman should learn and do.

4. She Invest, She Doesn’t Waste.

As a rich single lady, see will only spend buying expensive jewelries, shoes and clothes without making investment and owning properties. Linda’s mansion today is worth over 2 billion naira but was worth only 500 million when she acquired the property.

5. She Is A Graduate.

Today, many young ladies refuse to go to school with the belief of getting married to a rich man someday. Linda Ikeji went to school and is a graduate with excellent grades. Education is very important in every girl’s life.

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