Raquel’s Manager Discloses How Abeiku Santana & Co Killed The Singer’s Career

Raquel’s Manager Discloses How Abeiku Santana & Co Killed The Singer's Career

The manager of Ghanaian female musician, Raquel has made allegations against some people for killing the music career of his artist Raquel.

Recall that some photos of the artist Raquel’s private part on stage were leaked to the public which caused her career.

Speaking in an interview on Zylofon FM, Mr Creppy, manager of Raquel revealed that MUSIGA, Mark Okraku Mante, Abeiku Santana of Peace FM and some bloggers caused the fall of the music career of the young lady’s career.

According to Mr. Creepy, some comments and actions from the names mentioned above, helped dragged Raquel down. Mr Creepy justified that wardrobe malfunction is a challenge to most of the female artist so Raquel was not the first to experience such challenge.

He further stated that the key players in the Ghanaian music industry do not know how to handle modern female musicians and that’s why the hardly ever make it to the top

Raquel’s manager further disclosed that the artist lost a big deal from South Africa because of the controversies which came up. “Politicization and agendas in the music industry are what destroys pure talents in the country and that is not the best.” he stated.

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