President Buhari still reaffirms his words Insists Mrs Aisha belongs to his Kitchen



Is like Mr Shehu Garba was wrong when he said Mr President was joking about the kitchen comment and that those who know him knows he is full of humour and so we should all leave it like that.

But then, in a fresh interview with Phil Gayle, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has insisted his wife’s job is to take care of him, his kitchen and the living room.


When asked to clarify his earlier comments by German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, the President said; “I am sure you have a house. You know where your kitchen is. You know where your living room is. And I believe your wife looks after all that even if she’s working,”


But when Mr. Gayle asked Mr. President if “that is your wife’s function?” The president answered: “Yes, to look after me”.


When also asked if his wife should desist from politics, the President also answered saying; “I think so.”